Eating Low Carb, High Protein

Today I would like to share some more low glycemic index foods.

One of my favorite things to eat is green beans and bacon.

Three pieces of bacon should be about 120 calories, zero carbs, and 10-11 grams of protein.

Bacon nutritional content.

If you fry 3 pieces of bacon – or even six for an entire can of green beans, you will have your protein content.

Green beans

I cook the bacon, drain the green beans, empty the drained beans into the frying bacon, and let the soak up the bacon flavor. Then I will add back liquid in the form of chicken broth. Flavor makes up for the loss of starch.

Delicious green beans

Taco meat is so simple and easy to adapt to low carb. I brown my ground beef – you can also use chicken – add onions, taco or fajita seasoning, and fresh peppers if you like.

Your family can make hard or soft tacos.

You can eat it as a taco salad.

I prefer a salad mix containing cabbage or cole slaw. It gives you the crunch you would get from chips.

Cabbage lettuce mix

Add your seasoned ground meat or chicken.

Added taco meat

Now add your cheese. I prefer the white Mexican blend. Yes straight out of the package. Because easier is what makes you not grab a donut instead of cooking. 😊

Low carb, high fiber!

Another easy low carb meal is chicken salad. I don’t use all of my egg yolks because that’s where the fat is. Again, I like low carb, high protein – not high fat. I want to control calorie count, which is a little different than traditional keto, which pushes high fat.

What about snacks?

Boiled eggs

Nuts – watch the fat content

Greek yogurt

Atkins bars

Remember that the most important thing is to simply cut back carbs. That’s anything starchy: bread, chips, potatoes, rice. Atkins makes a keto nacho chip now that I really like.

I don’t avoid fruit, as I think the benefits of fresh fruit are more important than many other things.

Watermelon is a great way to satisfy a hunger craving and get your water intake up.

Simply don’t forget to balance the fruit with protein. Maybe a smoothie, or a Greek yogurt.

Happy health!!!

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