Sept 20, 2020 – Taco Chili

Today we are getting rain and cool weather from the tropical system in the gulf.

As a result, my family requested something warm and hearty.

I couldn’t decide between chili and taco soup, so I mixed it up and made taco chili.

Here’s the list of ingredients:

1.5 – 2 pounds of ground beef or venison or turkey or whatever you have

1-2 packets taco seasoning

2 cans corn

1 can pinto chili beans

1 can Rotel tomatoes

1 can tomato sauce

Shredded cheese for garnish

Tortilla chips

Begin by browning the ground meat. We use a lot of venison, so I add bacon grease to the pot. Venison is very lean. I also love to use my enameled cast iron Dutch oven.

Now add your taco seasoning. Use 1-2 packets depending on the amount and type of meat you use. Venison is more difficult to flavor, so you need more seasoning.

Add your corn. I drain and rinse with fresh water. My daughter loves corn, so she requested two cans.

You can choose any type of beans: Black beans, pinto beans, red beans.

I chose chili pinto beans

I rinse all of my cans and add a few tablespoons of water as I go. That adds your liquid.

Add your Rotel and tomato sauce.

Mix everything up and allow it to simmer over low/medium heat for 15 minutes or so.

Add water until you get the consistency you want. Taste and add more taco seasoning if needed.

Serve with shredded cheese and tortilla chips or strips.

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