Sept 19, 2020 – Fall 4-H Pig Sale

Today we have beautiful fall weather here in south Louisiana. We don’t get much fall color or chill in the air.

What we do get is a reprieve of the oppressing heat and humidity of the summer. This morning there was a lovely breeze and overcast skies.

We held our annual fall show pig sale this morning. These piglets were born the last week of July, making them approximately 2 months old.

Piglets are usually transported in dog kennels.

Piglets are weaned at 3-4 weeks of age, as they begin to really pull the sow down at that time. They actually start to eat feed on their own at 2-3 weeks of age.

Newborn piglets weigh 2-3 pounds.

We love to raise 4-H show pigs. They go to great homes and teach responsibility, dedication, and work ethic to the 4-H kiddos who raise them.

These pigs are cared for so well. They are sent to slaughter after show season.

The show ring.

People ask how we can raise them and then eat them. It’s really a great lesson in proper farm animal management. These pigs have an amazing life. They are fed well, exercised daily, and taught how to load and unload.

When they go to the custom slaughter house, they don’t know anything different than they are going to a show. They are not stressed at all. They have a great life and a quick, painless death. Then they feed a family for months.

Next year the 4-Hers do it all over again. They learn how to value their food. They learn how to respect the life of food animals. They are participating in feeding their family. They are raising a wonderful food product that is superior quality.

If all food animals were raised by a family in the back yard, we would have a great plan to keep America fed. Of course that isn’t realistic, and that’s why we have large commercial farms.

Even if these 4-Hers don’t raise animals in their adult life, they have learned so many valuable lessons about caring for all life, even if it’s ultimately going to be sacrificed to feed fellow humans.

Please realize that 4-H animals are raised with love and compassion. If you have the chance to purchase one from a 4-Her, please do.

You will have quality meat to feed your family and be helping raise some pretty spectacular human beings.

Please support your local 4-H Club!!

4-H livestock participants raise pigs, goats, sheep, cattle, rabbits, and more.

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