Sept 17, 2020 – Writing & Rhetoric Books

I would like to share my favorite writing program with you.

I discovered this a few years ago when it was new. I was looking for a writing program for my youngest. She has zero interest in writing because that required sitting still. Which, as an 8th grader, she’s finally learning how to do.

The very first book (Aesop’s Fables) is the best book, in my opinion. It’s a beautiful introduction to storytelling and writing. It’s appropriate for almost any age, as I thoroughly enjoy it as an adult.

I used Aesop’s Fables in our co-op with 4th & 5th graders. They enjoyed it tremendously. Each week they shared their own versions of Fables that they had changed, rewritten, and made their own.

I am currently using Book 6 (Commonplace) for our 8th & 9th graders in our co-op.

Two years ago I used Book 8 (Comparison) with a 9th and 10th grader. The literature excerpts are excellent. Historical events and good role models make for great content.

The books are well planned, straightforward, and simple to teach. The course framework is classical with a modern approach. It allows for creativity within the umbrella of famous historical storytelling.

They are very advanced books. You may need to use them a few years behind the suggested grade level. They are written as a semester purse; however, they make a great co-op plan for the year.

My students that have used this program have flourished and are self-confident enough to write when asked.

It’s also an inexpensive program to sample.

Happy writing!

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