Okra Forest and Frogs – Aug 25, 2021

This year has been a busy one for us as a family. I didn’t have a lot of time to plant a garden. I have 2 large raised beds near my barn.

I love fresh okra. I managed to get some planted late summer. I planted twice what I would normally plant simply because I did not buy new seeds. I used old okra pods and old seeds from previous years.

Well, every single seed decided to sprout and grow. I struggle with weeds because of time constraints.

This summer we have been allowing the chickens to free range in the garden because the cucumbers are already finished.

They are doing an amazing job keeping my okra forest weed-free.

The harvest has just gotten abundant.

I love okra flowers. They are kin to the hibiscus plant, and you can see the similarities of the flowers.

My other favorite thing about my okra forest is the families of frogs. There are adults all the way to tinies.

Don’t use any pesticides. I have enough harvest to share with a few bugs. And these tiny green frogs have plenty to eat.

Can you find 3 frogs in the picture below? They are there, I promise.

Okra plants thrive in the sun and heat. When people ask me how long the plants last, I always say “until the hurricane winds blow them down”.

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