Can Someone Else Homeschool my Child? – Jan 11, 2022

I have had many people ask me through the years about homeschooling their children. Some people want to understand how to do it, what to teach, where to find a curriculum, and so much more. Others simply want someone else to “homeschool” their children.

Let’s talk about that idea.

What is homeschooling? By definition, it’s “schooling one’s children at home – by the parents”. There is no set pattern nor curriculum or schedule. The parent is in charge. The parent decides who learns what and when and how. The process of deciding these things is dependent upon the child.

The parent is the decision-maker, using the child’s personality, likes, dislikes, activity level, learning style, and natural abilities to choose a personalized education plan for the child. This takes so much patience and understanding on the part of the parent.

I have homeschooled all 3 of my children and graduated 2 that are in college on scholarship. Each of them has had a different educational journey. My eldest loved math and literature and history and language and just learning in general. I allowed him to make choices about what he studied. He also plays the piano beautifully. He played baseball in high school and watches all sporting events. He is graduating this spring with a degree in economics and will go on to graduate school in economic policy.

My middle is at a community college for many different athletes in Fort Scott, Kansas. He is there on a rodeo scholarship. He has never been a fan of school, although he loves to read. He would rather be outside working in his forge, working with wood or leather, welding, working cattle, or riding horses. He plays banjo and guitar. He has been riding horses since he could sit up. He began calf roping at a young age, then started riding bareback (bucking) horses in 10th grade. He is on the college rodeo team and just began riding in professional rodeos. He will ride in Denver this coming Sunday.

My youngest is just starting high school. She has never been able to sit still. She has spent her “school days” between the barn, the trampoline, the living room, the kitchen table, the patio, and every other part of the farm. It took her a long time to actually be able to sit still and write. Now she’s in many classes ahead of her grade level simply because they interest her. She rodeos, shows livestock, gives horseback riding lessons, volunteers at an animal preserve, babysits, and keeps her studies going. Her never-ending energy has turned into a drive to earn money and purchase her own wants. She plans to go to veterinary school when she gets to college age.

Now – why do I tell you all of this when we are talking about homeschooling other people’s children?

Because the idea of homeschooling is that the parent develops the relationship and leads the learning depending on the child’s individual wants and needs. The parent is personally responsible for the child’s education.

I gave up my veterinary career for the most part while we were in the thick of homeschooling. My children knew that they were that valuable and loved. Homeschooled children do well in life because they are safe and secure every day. They know that no matter what happens, they are the most important thing. They have the ultimate personalized education.

So – can someone else educate your child? Absolutely. You can send your child to be educated anywhere. They can go to public school, private school, university model school, someone else’s home, and many other places.

The real definition of homeschooling involves the personalization of the education, including the parent-child relationship. Both of my college boys call me to check-in, ask my opinion, ask me for school advice, ask for relationship and general life advice. Our relationships have been built so strong throughout the years – thanks to homeschooling.

Please remember that homeschooling is all about relationships, ethics, morals, and maturing into a helpful human being that contributes to society.

Sending your child to be educated by another person is a definite option. It is NOT homeschooling in the most basic sense of the word. However, if you aren’t able to sacrifice to provide a traditional homeschool experience for your child, having someone else do it for you does provide a smaller, more personable experience than any public school can offer.

Do what is best for your child. You only get them for a short window of time. They grow up and move on so soon. Don’t hesitate to put their needs first. You can raise great humans!

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