Dec 30, 2020 – Veterinary Chiropractic for Arthritis and Hip Dysplasia

I would like to suggest chiropractic for your elderly pets. I have so many reports from owners who are elated that their pets “feel young again”.

If you search, you will not find the term “dog chiropractor” or “horse chiropractor” because it’s a new field and licensing is different among states. What you will find is dog or horse or animal or veterinary “chiropractic” – that fulfills the restrictions due to the fact that ther is not a specific school to become an animal chiropractor.

I would like to share a few cases with you.

This obese dog has mobility issues along with bad knees. She has a terrible time keeping her legs underneath her body.

Today I saw her for her 2nd adjustment because her mom was so happy with the changes since her first adjustment 2 weeks ago. We also started her on Dasuquin joint supplement and gave her ToeGrips to keep her from slipping.

Speaking of ToeGrips, here is a 10 yr old Mastiff that has tons of arthritis. He weighs 137 pounds, and he is thin.

After his ToeGrips and his adjustment, he could stand to his feet much easier and wanted to tour the clinic. We also started him on Adequan injections for joint support.

Chiropractic increases range of motion in all joints. This is especially important for older animals that may be “stove up”.

This lovely old lady has such bad hips that she “hops” rather than walks. After her month of chiropractic treatments, she can move each leg independently and actually make a walking motion. Her hips will “freeze up” if we don’t keep her joints free and moving.

This big boy is a 140# Cane Courso. He walks more on his front legs than his back because his hips and back hurt. We have him walking around well with chiropractic and ToeGrips.

Please don’t just accept your dog “slowing down” as old age. They are painful. There are many things to be done to keep them comfortable and moving.

Please talk to your veterinarian and ask for a recommendation for either a chiropractor or a veterinarian who is trained properly in animal chiropractic. Don’t trust someone who isn’t properly trained.

It’s totally acceptable for you to ask for credentials for your animal’s caregivers.

Only the best for your furry friends!

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