Dec 28, 2020 – Louisiana Legends Bucking Horse School

For the 2nd year in a row, my son has had the opportunity to attend a phenomenal rodeo clinic.

Cody DeMoss and his wife Margie put countless hours and tireless effort into this school. Everyone from stock contractors, to pick up men, to judges, to coaches, to people making lunch, to people picking up trash, all give their time and effort freely to support the sport we all love.

Cody DeMoss giving the boys advice.

It’s called Louisiana Legends because the instructors are all well-known saddle bronc and bareback riders from Louisiana. It’s a great brotherhood, and these men have a comradeship that is unmatched.

Working on the spur board.

They all come together to teach and encourage young and upcoming rodeo stars to keep the Louisiana Legend alive.

People ask about treatment of the bucking horses. Please understand that these horses are well-bred to buck. They enjoy it. They are athletes. They are taken extremely good care of. They receive better care than many barn and backyard horses.

Bucking horses live more like free range horses than most others – With the exception that they get the benefits of veterinary care and quality feed and hay.

Here is a picture of my son and his friends with “toes out”, having a great time, building friendships, and learning how to be real cowboys.

Mason, Jacob, Dillon, Owen

Please support your local rodeos. It’s a traditional American sport. These athletes are not spoiled and overpaid. They are full of grit and humility. They are great community citizens. They care about one another, the animals, and the community that hosts them.

Let’s rodeo!

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