Dec 26, 2020 – Christmas Eve Calf

I have mentioned to you that our Ayrshire heifer (a dairy breed) was due to calf soon.

She decided to surprise us with a beautiful little heifer calf late on Christmas Eve.

The temperature was below freezing, so as soon as her mom licked her clean (that’s important for bonding), we added a large dog sweater. And since it was Christmas Eve, what better than a Christmas sweater?

She was up and nursing good colostrum (first milk with her entire immune system) within just a few hours.

Christmas Day she was going strong.

We named her Evie.

The following video is from this morning. Evie is about 18 hours old here. Baby prey animals are amazing in their development.

Our cow, Cherokee, is next to calve. Then the goat, Ruth, should not be far behind.

Tomorrow I will be at a bucking horse school. I will try to share that world with you.

Stay tuned!

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