August 21, 2020 – Working and Homeschooling

As part of a society that believes moms should work outside of the home, and an economy that may require it, how do we make this shift to a homeschooling world?

Well, many families have done it for a long time.

I am currently on a plane to Dallas to finish up my veterinary chiropractic certification course.

My husband is home making sure the kiddos get their work done.

I was working an abundance of hours when I graduated veterinary school. I have always loved veterinary medicine. I was in heaven.

Then I became pregnant with my first child.

I planned to put him in daycare and go back to work, because that’s what everyone expected (and I had student loans to pay back).

However, once I gave birth, I knew there was no way I could put him in daycare for 40+ hours a week.

How could I leave my own child to care for someone else’s animals?

I went back part time after 2 months of maternity leave.

It killed me to leave him, even though it was with a friend at her home.

I simply had to find a way to raise him myself AND keep working.

My answer? I built my own clinic.

My office was his playroom.

I brought a playpen with me to farm calls and set him up near where I was working.

I eventually hired a nanny a few days a week after my 2nd was born, but my clinic was next to my house, so I could go home for lunch and they could come visit me anytime I wasn’t busy.

When the 3rd cam along, it became too much. I sold my practice and moved.

Now – we had been homeschooling all this time because there weren’t any good school choices near us.

We did ABEKA or Bob Jones teacher on a DVD. I set out work, my eldest did his classes, and all was well.

When he hit 3rd grade, he asked to go to “real school”. That was also about the time I had my 3rd child.

So when we sold the clinic and our house, we moved into a “good” school district.

It was fun for a while, but neither school met the needs of my two boys. We pulled back out after a few years.

Now – I had begun working relief during that time. That means that I would fill-in for any veterinarian that needed a day off, went on vacation, etc.

When we began homeschooling again, I began teaching online classes to homeschooling students.

I could teach while my children did their work. I scheduled two morning a week to teach online, so the rest of the time was for them.

I also picked up one weekend a month at a veterinary emergency clinic. That allowed me a decent income while still having time for my children.

Fast forward to now. My eldest is in college, my middle is a high school senior (taking dual enrollment classes at a local college), and my youngest is in 8th grade.

I can now work more because they work very independently.

I have continued to work ER and relief.

I am completing my veterinary chiropractic certification classes now because I have more time.

Remember that work will always be there, but your children will not. They will grow up and move out (hopefully).

This entire COVID situation has forced people to slow down and reevaluate their lives.

You can rearrange your schedule, find a way to make homeschooling work, and get memories you would have otherwise missed.

Praying for you on your journey!

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