August 23, 2020 – Horse Volunteers and Support

Today I completed my Animal Chiropractic Program at Parker University in Dallas.

We used dogs for labs that community members brought in as volunteers.

For the horses, we went to Texas Horse Park, where they allowed us to adjust their horses. They are primarily therapy horses and the entire program is a non-profit.

Each horse has a sponsor that donates money yearly to pay for care and upkeep.

I would like to recommend looking into any such programs in your area. They need volunteers, financial support, tack, and sometimes horses.

Here are some of the things that cost money you may not think about.

Each horse has its own bucket with brushes and a hoof pick. This keeps cross contamination to a minimum. If one horse get sick, the germs aren’t spreading from grooming supplies.

Tack can be very expensive. This barn uses both English and western saddles.

Barn help is imperative. People are needed to feed, walk, water, and clean.

Each horse has its own stall, with a turnout schedule. Please notice the list of repairs that need to be made. You don’t have to volunteer to work with the horses. General maintenance is always needed.

Riding arenas are also expensive to upkeep.

Hay and grain and supplements all cost a good bit of money.

These containers are housing shavings for stalls. Shavings are another expense that many people don’t think about.

Tractors are needed to maintain land, pastures, and the arenas.

Fly spray, medications, hoof dressings, and leg bandages are only a tiny bit of the other items that cost a barn.

This particular barn has some really nice wash stalls. Remember that comes with a water bill, hoses, spray nozzles, and plumbing.

One last photo of the office where the business happens.

If you are looking for a place to donate time, manpower, or finances, please consider supporting your local therapy barn.

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