August 18, 2020 – Peace and Quiet

If necessity is the mother of invention, then boredom is the mother of discovery.

People NEED peace. Why do so many suffer from anxiety?

Anxiety comes from worry and fear. It’s the opposite of peace. If peace goes with quiet, then anxiety is the opposite of quiet.

Why do people struggle with being quiet?

I’m afraid it’s our social norm. Almost every parent wants their child to be doing just as much as the “others”. They get up early, rush to school, spend after school hours practicing music and sports. Then they rush home, get pushed to do homework, go to bed, and do it all again tomorrow.

Saturday mornings? Up and going. Games, recitals, parties, play dates, trips, and more.

What has created this culture of no peace and no quiet? Why do parents feel like “bad parents” if they aren’t carting kids from activity to activity?

What happened to quiet family dinners where everyone connects and relaxes and cares for one another?

I beg you to allow your child to be quiet. Let them be bored. Let them create without instructions. Let them have time for self-discovery.

Teach them to be comfortable in their own skin, in their own space, and without pressure to “do” anything.

I’ll repeat what I said in the beginning:

Boredom is the father of discovery.

What was Sir Isaac Newton doing when he came up with his theory about gravity?

Sitting under an Apple tree.

Being quiet.



Don’t rob your family of peace and quiet. Don’t feel the need to fill every single minute with “stuff”. Do step back and give them space.

It’s GREAT parenting to have empty time and space for your child to fill any way they choose.

My eldest chose to spend his time reading, studying history and politics. He is now studying pre-law in college.

My middle son has taught himself to weld, forge, work wood, and work leather. He plays both banjo and guitar. All because he has had time to be creative.

My youngest has taught herself crochet (with some help), sewing, painting, and even has her own slime party business – as a 13 yr old.

You don’t know what anyone is capable of unless you give them peace and quiet.

Yourself included.

Peace be with you. ❤️

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