Jan 18, 2020 – Adversity

All activities that you are involved in as a child prepare you for adulthood.

I love livestock shows for that reason. They teach children that life isn’t easy. Animals don’t always cooperate. They get cranky. They get sick. They don’t speak English. Sometimes they even die.

All lessons about this life.

Saturday we had our Livestock Show. My daughter has worked with her pigs for months. She brought her Spotted Poland China into the ring and won her intermediate age group for showmanship.

When she went back into the ring for the grand champion drive, her pig decided it was done. The pig screamed and tried to go back to its pen the entire time.

My daughter came out of the ring in tears. I told her that’s just how life goes sometimes. No time to be upset; we have more animals to show.

She took a few minutes to get herself together, then went on to show her dairy cow, her goats, and her pigs in the market show.

All smiles.

Do I wish that wouldn’t have happened? Yes and no.

We all hate to see our children upset, disappointed, and sad. But life brings those things on a daily basis.

Learning how to deal with adversity is an extremely important life skill; one that is readily learned in the livestock show ring.

Dealing with adversity is an issue as old as Genesis. In chapters 39-41, Joseph is sold into slavery by his brothers. He becomes head of the household under his master. He gets thrown into prison unjustly. He gets put in charge of the prisoners. He ultimately gets out of prison and becomes 2nd in command to the king of Egypt.

He overcame adversity again and again. As a result he saved a nation and ultimately his family from starvation.

Be an overcomer.

Teach your children to be overcomers.

People who overcome adversity become not only great human beings, but also strong leaders.

Everyone cleaning up after the show

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