Jan 19, 2020 – Clean Up Day

When you spend all day Thursday packing to move 10 animals to a different barn, then move them Thursday afternoon, then spend all day Friday and Saturday at that barn, coming back home with all 10 animals Saturday night, Sunday becomes clean up day.

Landry showing a miniature Hereford for her friend.

Loads and loads of laundry that smells like pig, goat, cow, and covered in poop, feed, shavings, and dirt makes for a entire day of laundry. Unloading, unpacking, cleaning everything that was at the show takes everyone on deck. No rest for the weary.

Landry and I had church nursery Sunday morning, so I did spend the morning rocking a sleeping baby and enjoyed every minute of the down time. Then back home to do laundry, cook food for the hungry bunch of people here, assess animals to see if anyone feels bad from exposure to germs at the show, and change feeding regimens as needed to prepare for the next show.

We have a family that breeds and shows Scottish Highlands

It’s a ton of work, but the hard work and dedication my family puts in together makes is worth every minute. It bonds us as a family and teaches the value of persistence and rewards of devotion to a project.

Genesis chapter 45 reveals the payoff for Joseph for all his years of devotion to his superiors. In his house as a spoiled youth, he was sassy, ungrateful, and boastful. After years of learning to submit to authority and empathizing with his fellow slaves and prisoners, he receives his reward when he is able to save his entire family from starvation and be lovingly reunited with them.

Our lives are full of hard work. Nothing in this life is free. We must always look ahead and know that ultimately our reward awaits us in heaven. No matter the trials we face on this fallen earth.

Have a blessed week!

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