Jan 17, 2020 – Mini Farm

It’s Mini Farm Day.

The day was spent leading school children through two barns full of farm animals.

Many of these children have never been up close and personal with most of these animals. The 4-H Junior Leaders act as tour guides to school groups throughout the day. The children learn about agriculture, nutrition, animal care, and get a petting zoo experience.

You should get your children involved in 4-H or volunteer yourself. They also have photography clubs, horse clubs, cooking clubs, sewing clubs, and whatever else a community volunteer is willing to lead.

It’s an amazing program that teaches children to grow into respectable and responsible adults!

While reading Genesis, something occurred to me that I’ve never considered before. I know I’ve said that before, but it’s amazing how God reveals new things to you each time you read a passage. Even if it’s a passage you’ve read many times and a story you’ve known since childhood.

In Genesis chapter 37, we read about Joseph. As I read, it struck me that Joseph was a spoiled brat. I have always wondered why God allowed him to suffer all he did. But now I realize that Joseph could not lead with his attitude.

He boasted and bragged and ran around as the chosen child, probably never disciplined by anyone.

It took time in slavery, then time in prison to mold him into the person God needed him to be. Otherwise, he would have never forgiven his brothers, never saved his family, and never had the heart and attitude he needed to be a wise ruler.

When we are going through trials, we need to look inwardly to see the things God is trying to refine in our hearts and lives.

He works all things for His good.

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