Jan 15, 2020 – Hump Day

I know I have skipped a day. Sometimes you just lose a day. I worked a 13 hour overnight ER shift Monday night, came home Tuesday morning, and slept until after lunch.

Tuesday afternoon we worked on clipping animals again, and went to bed early.

My husband cooked the best dinner. We had fried shrimp and sautéed shrimp with avocado slices on corn tortillas. It was delicious and heathy.

On Wednesday mornings, I teach an online class about Veterinary Science. Before my class started this morning, a friend called to ask if I could help him with a goat that was in labor.

He brought her to my house. She had a very large kid with its legs in the birth canal. The kid was upside down and the neck and head were by the back, instead of coming with the feet.

I gave the doe an epidural so I could feel everything and reposition the kid. Once I got everything into normal birth position, it was still too large to fit into the doe’s pelvis.

We loaded her back up and sent her to LSU Vet School for a c-section.

She had two doelings, each weighing in at 10.5 pounds. That poor momma had 21 pounds of goat babies and they weren’t coming out.

Both babies died but the momma came through surgery well. She’s a milk goat, so she will still be able to be productive in the herd.

Tonight I will go sew feed sack bags at church for missions.

As for fitness, I have decided that I can work things into my normal routine: High knees walking to the barn. Squats before I take a seat. Wall sits while I’m on my phone. Tricep dips using the kitchen chairs.

I listened to Genesis yesterday on my drive home. Chapter 32 is full of profound grace and healing mercy.

Jacob has intense meetings with God. He finds out his brother Esau is coming with 400 men. He assumes the worst, and begs God to save him. He doesn’t just give up, nor does he run away. He trusts that God sent him back to this place, yet he works hard to make sure he is keeping his family safe.

After all of his preparations, he wrestles with a man (God in flesh) yet he still gives life every fiber of his being.

We must trust God and pray for all of our needs and blessings. But we can’t expect Him to just serve it all up to us. We must wrestle with our circumstances, our relationships, our finances, even our God.

God blessed Jacob and renamed him Israel because: “you have struggled with God and with humans and have overcome.”

We may struggle.

We may feel like we are being chased by people wishing to do us harm.

We may meet great disappointment.

But our God is able.

He wants us to overcome and be blessed.

We won’t be without heartache, tears, struggles, and disappointment; but if we cling to God and wrestle through the hard times, He is always there for us, leading us to the next place.

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