Jan 13, 2020 – LSU Wins!

I “watched” the college national championship game in the veterinary ER. We has the game on while we worked. Unfortunately pets don’t quit getting sick, no matter what else is happening.

Bathing chickens for the show.

My husband and I are both LSU Alumni, and we aren’t very far away from the college. Celebrating has been happening all over the entire state of Louisiana for the whole football season. It’s been a fun time to experience.

Clipping pigs.

We show 4-H animals as a family project. We have been continuing to clip animals, clean the barns, bathe animals, and getting ready for the livestock show. It takes months and months of hard work, perseverance, and dedication to get to the point of showing the animals. All those ribbons may not be much, but what they represent is so much character built into young people.

Fitting the Jersey heifer

While reading in Genesis, I can’t help but stop and think about how messed up we are as humans. Jacob had to leave his home because of his lying and deception. Then he gets lied to by Laban, who married off both of his daughters to the same man whom he has basically kept as an indentured servant for 14 years. There is fighting, immoral gain, masses of children by the same father and 4 different women, and the list keeps going.

Yet God sees through all of this pettiness and looks at Jacob’s heart, which is truly worshipping God. Remember that there weren’t tons of laws and morals and ethical codes back then. People just did whatever they wanted. If they got too bad, God destroyed them (Sodom & Gomorrah).

I’m so thankful that Jesus came, sacrificed himself, and left us with the Holy Spirit when He ascended back into heaven. I can’t imagine not having that soft nudge of the Holy Spirit or not being able to communicate directly with God through prayer. We are blessed, no matter our circumstances. God is always with us, loving us, forgiving us, and welcoming us back into His arms.

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