Jan 12, 2020 – Another ER Sunday

This lovely Sunday morning I was able to attend church service with my daughter on my left side and my son on my right. That’s surely a way to fill a momma’s heart.

After early service, I headed to the ER to work my shift. It was a busy day but not overwhelming. We did see quite a few sick animals. The saddest story of the day was a beloved old dog who collapsed and was non-responsive. Her family (mom, dad, two little boys) brought her in to see if we could do anything. This sweet old girl was bleeding into her abdomen due to some sort of bleeding disorder. Her prognosis was poor, so the owners decided to euthanize her. It really was the best decision.

Love my old girl.

It’s never easy, and vets never really “get used to” putting animals to sleep. However, we do consider it an honor to be able to provide a painless, peaceful passing while being surrounded by family. It’s a beautiful gift we can give to our cherished pets.

We had a c-section in a dog, abscessed anal glands, urinary blockage in a male cat, a dog who ate a steak bone, a dog who ate a metal meat skewer (removed with an endoscope), along with other random ailments.

Bite wounds in a cat

In Genesis chapter 29, verse 9 it reads, “Jacob was still talking with them when Rachel arrived with her father’s flock, for she was a shepherd.” I’m not sure why we think women were so helpless in Biblical times. Shepherds fought off predators, walked miles for grazing land and fresh water, helped in difficult births, and all other chores related to animal care and upkeep. Jesus is considered our shepherd, as He’s our guardian, protector, and leader.

Rachel, a woman, was all of these things. She was a lady full of faith and leadership and self-confidence. She was FARM FIT!

Animals need constant care, especially livestock.

If we take time to really look, there are so many women in the Bible to be revered and respected.


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