Jan 9, 2020 – Farrier Day

Horses require a lot of maintenance. One of the most consistent things they need is good hoof care. Our farrier comes every 6-7 weeks to trim the two mares and put shoes on Owen’s roping horse.

We are getting the pigs ready for show next weekend. They must be clipped. You may not think pigs are very hairy, but they are. We have to clean them up for show.

Genesis 22-24 is an intense passage. God asks Abraham to sacrifice his long-awaited son. His one and only son.

Abraham doesn’t even hesitate. This shows that he has finally resigned his own thoughts and reasonings. He has learned that no matter what happens in life, God is working all things for His good.

It also tells us that God does not approve of human sacrifice. Sacrifices were made for atonement of sin. The sacrifice had to be perfect. There are no perfect people. Christ was the only perfect person, and all Old Testament sacrifices stopped after his crucifixion.

He was the final sacrifice.

“It is finished”

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