Jan 10, 2020 – Chicken Bath and Rodeo Practice

All 5 calves are nursing well on the two dairy cows. It is taking all 5 to nurse out both cows completely and Tiki’s mastitis is clearing up. The calves are doing very well and flourishing.

You can see the clouds moving in, as this giant storm system moves through tonight.

I know it seems like I forget fitness most posts, but my farm life keeps me quite fit. We feed a good bit of horse feed, pig feed, cow feed, chicken feed, and more. I’m always lifting 50# feed sacks, cleaning stalls, rounding up cattle, and doing anything else that needs doing.

My weights…

Landry bathed her bantam cochin pullet today, checking for any lice or mites, cleaning her feet, trimming her toenails, and prepping her for the show next weekend. We do blow chickens dry with a hair dryer, on low cool setting, after wrapping them up like a burrito to get the majority of the water off. The chickens really don’t mind a bath.

Myrtle in her towel burrito getting dry

It has been so wet for us this winter, that we haven’t had much opportunity to rope or simply exercise the horses well. Today we ventured out to the nearby covered pen to get some calf roping practice and barrel drills done. This qualifies as family, fitness, AND fun!

I enjoy moving the calves with my horse.
My view as the rodeo hand, rodeo mom, and chute boss.

My fitbit is reading 6.46 miles today. Approximately one of those is from riding horses, but the rest are all on foot. Farm Fit is a real thing.

Today’s reading is from Genesis chapters 22-24. Abraham has buried Sarah and is nearing death himself. He wants to be sure Isaac takes a wife that God would continue to bless like He blessed Sarah. He sends his servant back to his home country to find a wife from his tribe. His servant has obviously learned well from Abraham and has great trust and faith in God’s provision.

As he’s praying, Rebekah walks up and gives him water. Then she does a selfless, kind, difficult thing. She offers to water his camels. Now a thirsty camel drinks around 25-30 gallons of water. I found this information on a website from https://www.revival.com/a/1126-watering-camels-being-a-blessing-will-open-the-way-to-your-destiny

“Eliezer brought ten camels and camels will drink about 25 gallons each! At that time, wells were set down low in the ground, where the water was, and also to minimize evaporation. You would need to go down about 50 steps to draw water in jars that usually held about 3 gallons apiece. That means that Rebekah had to make 8.33 trips per camel—83.3 trips or 4,165 steps for 10 camels.”

Rebekah was awesome! She was not only kind and gracious, she was STRONG! She was fit. What a beautiful soul!

Taking care of all the animals we have, I understand her sacrifice. Maybe she knew she was destined for something great, as she never even hesitated to show sacrificial kindness to a stranger and his camels.

Be safe if you are in this line of storms tonight!

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