Jan 8, 2020 – A Cow Wednesday

A very busy day indeed. I had to drive 1 1/2 hours to go pick up the horse trailer because we had some maintenance work done on it before the new rodeo year kicks off. Owen took Lollipop to my friend’s vet clinic where she could be put up on a tilt table to check her feet because she has been limping. He also went to the sale barn while he was there and picked up a few roping calves as well as another nurse calf.

Lollipop has a severe foot infection. Unknown origin.

Tiki, the Jersey, is making more milk than two calves can drink, so she will need a 3rd. I think this calf won’t be difficult to graft onto her. When we both came back home, we had to work the calves. Being at the stockyard is like going to a giant daycare. All the germs from around the area are all crammed into one place. The cattle at a stockyard are exposed to tons of new germs and bacteria. When we get anything from there, we vaccinate, deworm, and medicate if needed. We quarantine (keep separated) from our current cattle to allow them to acclimate and deal with any disease they may have picked up.

You can see the left rear quarter is swollen from not being milked out completely.

On Wednesday nights, I attend a sewing group with some friends at the local Baptist church. We make tote bags out of empty plastic feed sacks. These bags are used in mission projects around the world for food distribution, especially in two projects in the Dominican Republic and Uganda.

Unloading calves.

Genesis 20-21 revealed something to me that I’ve never really contemplated. Sarah was a strong and devoted wife. She followed Abraham all over the country. She bore the disgrace of infertility. She even gave her husband another woman to try to give him children that she could not. She told people she was his sister rather than his wife because he asked her to. She lived in two palaces temporarily because of her husband’s cowardly behavior. Yet she still stuck by him and honored her commitment. Eventually God rewarded her with a son who became a cornerstone of the Christian faith. She was a woman to be respected. She didn’t try to leave or wallow in self pity. She simply kept going. That’s honorable in my book.

Cheeto the pig barn queen

May you be a blessing to everyone you meet!

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