August is upon us!

Hi everyone!

As a southern, homeschooling veterinarian, life is always a bit hectic. This is the time school ramps back up, the pigs are farrowing, and we usually have a cow or two due to calve.

We have had 7 litters of piglets, of which I’ll share some sneak peeks:

Here’s a great farrowing video clip for you. These red, floppy ear pigs are Durocs.

Autumn’s heifer calf is growing and learning to lead on a halter. (We call her LuLu Lemon 🍋- Her sire’s Name is Lemonhead).

We went to a Rodeo Bible Camp in El Paso, Arkansas a few weeks ago. It was put on by “From the Arena to the Cross Ministries” and was fabulous! I can’t recommend them enough.

Owen attended the bareback camp.

Landry attended the goat tying camp.

Now we are organizing the school year.

Owen will study for CLEP classes this fall to earn some college credit.

Landry will be taking a Ralph Moody class and American Sign Language through The Academy at Bright Ideas Press.

She will also be using a few workbooks like Wordly Wise for vocabulary and Bob Jones for math. She enjoys a few classes on PowerHomeschool, which is a nice tool. If you use tutor mode, you can see every lesson plan and schedule your year accordingly.

I plan to blog daily, even if just a snippet, to keep you updated on pigs and Vet Med and homeschooling.

PS – we do have a calf due two days ago, so I’ll update with that when it happens!

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