The Laundry Pile

I hope you are staying cool in the August heat.

I write a devotional for a group of vet moms, and today I thought it would be an encouragement to you all.

Today I’ve been folding the mountain of laundry that I’ve let pile up. As I was folding my daughter’s t-shirts, I thought, “Why do I even bother? She’s just going to throw them into her drawer, and they will be a mess!”

That made me think about how God views us. He has this beautiful plan and neatly organized life for us.

But he hands it to us and allows us to throw it into the drawer any way we choose. He does this every single morning. He loves us no matter the mess we create or find ourselves in.

This world is a big pile of laundry. Some clean, some dirty, some wrinkled, some stained, some with rips that need mending.

He is always willing to wash us, mend us, fold us neatly, and put us back into circulation.

And He never tires of it.

So I’m folding my daughter’s laundry in neat “Kon-Mari” method stacks and putting it into her room. She’s free to do with it as she sees fit.

And tomorrow, I’ll do it all again.

Because I love her and I want her to have clean, folded laundry that is wrinkle-free and smells good.

It will come back to me messy and stained and smelly. But I’ll clean it and fold it and give it back to her fresh.

Which is what God does for us every single day.

If we allow Him to.


22 The faithful love of the Lord never ends!

His mercies never cease.

23 Great is his faithfulness;

his mercies begin afresh each morning.

Cherokee has a new black bull calf!

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