Extra Teats on Dairy Heifers

This may seem strange, but often times dairy heifers will have “extra” teats. These are technically called “supernumerary” teats.

It is something calves should be checked for just after birth. They can be easily removed when very young. If you wait until they are older, they can actually develop mammary tissue and cause mastitis issues and disqualification for shows.

Our recent addition had two tiny “extra” teats. Here is a picture:

Here is the same picture, marked to show the normal teats and the extras.

In order to remove these, it only requires a few things.

I always use lidocaine to numb places that I cut. Here is a photo of me injecting the area with a lidocaine block.

The site has been surgically prepped with betadine and alcohol.

After the area is clean and numb, I apply a hemostat, or small clamp. This crushes the tissue to control bleeding and give me a guide of what to remove.

If it is deep, it may need a suture. This one did not. I simply applied an aluminum powder spray to act as a liquid bandage until the small areas were healed.

Here is a picture 3 weeks after the procedure.

Isn’t it a beautiful little udder??

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