24 hours old

Today the new heifer calf went out in the big pasture to get some warm sunshine.

We went to our friend’s dairy and picked up a 3 week old Holstein/Jersey bull calf.

Dairy bull calves are not kept on dairy farms. The farmers only want to keep and spend money raising replacement heifers that can grow up to produce milk.

The bull calves are sold to be fed out as beef calves.

He’s a big boy, and we will allow the heifer calf to nurse first, then allow the bull to drink the rest of the milk.

I plan to put the milking machine on Autumn tomorrow to milk her udder completely out.

This will allow me to check for mastitis or any lumps in her udder that may be of concern.

Her are some more pics and a video of the heifer’s first trip out into the pasture.

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