Calf Watch June 2019 day 3

Autumn is quite unconcerned with my concern over her prolonged gestation.

She is going out to pasture in the daylight hours, then coming into the barn in the evening to have a flake of alfalfa hay and spend the night in a protected area.

Here are some things I’ve been doing while we wait:

Picking green tomato hornworms off my tomatoes.

There are 4 camouflaged in this picture (above). Can you find them?

The look like this:

Here is the “answer key”.

As for the Calf Watch, we just continue to wait impatiently.

We don’t induce cows to go into Labor like we do people. Usually the calf will arrive when everything is ready. If they are born premature, there are issues like lung development and digestive issues that aren’t easy to deal with.

So we wait.

Tomorrow morning we have a horse with a chiropractor appointment. And that’s the truth.

I’ll update you on that if there’s still no calf. 😊

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