Calf Watch June 2019

This is Autumn, our 8 year old Jersey cow.

She was artificially inseminated in August 2018, and her “official” due date was yesterday, June 6.

Here is a gestation chart from Select Sires. It is based on a 283 day average gestation for cattle.

And if you’re counting, yes, that’s 9 1/2 months. Much the same as a human.

We have been watching her, and tonight we moved her inside the barn.

Her udder is full and getting tight, which is a sign of impending parturition (the scientific term for giving birth).

Her vulva is also swollen, and her pelvic muscles are relaxing, preparing her body for delivering a calf.

She is also beginning to have some mucous discharge which is a sign of a softening cervix.

I will update tomorrow!

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