Calf Watch June 2019 day 4

We are still watching and waiting.

We took our 19 yr old calf roping gelding to the chiropractor this morning.

His ribs were out of place.

He got a full adjustment today. He will get rest for 3-4 days to allow healing and stability for his rib cage.

Then we will begin light riding for 2-3 days. After that, we will get him back in the roping pen to see how he feels.

Always remember that horses aren’t doing things wrong because they want to mess up. They are trying to do what is asked of them.

If they aren’t performing well, it’s primarily one of two reasons.

1. They don’t understand what you are asking.

2. They are painful.

Always listen and try to find the problem.

Autumn seems to be in early labor now. We will see if she progresses.

I hope the next post will involve a healthy calf!!

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