Thanks for Visiting

I wanted to share something on my heart this week.  The picture above is of my husband’s Aunt Dean.  (Her nickname – her given name was cajun french – Audrine.)  She is in the picture with my daughter and her namesake – Landry Audrine.  She helped me often when my children were small.  She’d come stay with me for a week at a time, rock babies, sit outside and watch the boys play, snap beans, and simply love us all.  She passed away several years ago, but my heart still aches.

Just last week, my grandfather passed away the day before Good Friday.  He was 87, in hospice care, and a veteran.  He and my grandmother live over 3 hours away.   I only see them on holidays, as it’s difficult to travel so far with children, although as the kiddos get older, long travel becomes easier.

After the funeral service at the Biloxi National Cemetary, we returned to their Senior Living Apartment building where they have lived for several years now.  There was a downstairs room open and set up for the post-funeral gathering.  It was so sweet to see all of the residents who knew and loved my grandfather come to comfort my grandmother.  While there, my boys and I visited with several other residents.

I realized that those were other people’s grandparents as well.  I met a lady that has a son in Florida that is a veterinarian who attended Louisiana State University (my alma mater).  Her son and grandchildren can’t be there daily or weekly to visit.  But yesterday, I could visit with her, just as I visited with my own grandmother.

I wanted to take a moment to say Thank You to each of you that visits a Senior Center, Nursing Home, or other elderly care places.  When I can’t visit my elderly family members, I am grateful for others who are able.  Please remember that they are someone’s grandfather or great aunt or important family member.  When you visit, you visit for everyone who can’t be there that day.  You are providing a smile or a hug or a kind word to someone who may otherwise go without.

For that, I’m grateful.

I have become a sign to many;
    you are my strong refuge.
My mouth is filled with your praise,
    declaring your splendor all day long.

Do not cast me away when I am old;
    do not forsake me when my strength is gone.

Psalm 71:7-9

If you still have grandparents, and they are near you, give them an extra hug tonight.


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