Weeds in the Garden

When you use “real” soil to plant your garden, you will have weeds, grass, and other plants that aren’t what you intended to grow.

I’ve tried garden cloth, but it’s pricey and difficult to work with. Plus I want biodegradable.

My solution?  Cardboard boxes. They are free, easy to put down, biodegradable, and actually attract earthworms. I save them from drink packaging, Amazon Shipments, shoe boxes, and warehouse stores.

Be sure to take off any packaging tape because it stays around. The cardboard will be gone by the end of the growing season here in Louisiana.

It will blow away in the wind, so it needs a covering. I use hay from the barn floor or clean out from the chicken pens. It needs to be wet thoroughly as well to begin the immersion into the soil.

There are still small spaces that will need weeding, but this cuts down so much work!  I also use cardboard under the mulch in my flower beds.

One last garden “recycling tip”. Those egg shells?  I rinse them, allow them to dry, crush them up, and add them back to my garden soil. Tomatoes especially love calcium.

Now to wait for veggies!

Here’s a few flowers (veggie flowers are my favorite-wait for those okra flowers!):


Red bean


Happy gardening!

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