New Calf!!

Chrome had her calf!  It’s a sweet baby girl (Heifer) that needs a name. Any suggestions??

We’ve had many, so the common names have been used. Right now on the farm we have Ninja, Lolly, Chrome, Autumn, Cherokee, Tiki, Yoki, and we recently sold Josey. 

So she needs a unique girl name. Let’s hear what you’ve got!!


  1. I think some good suggestions from me it would be 1. Galaxy (short: “Gal”). 2. Scarlet , 3. Pheonix ( I dont know why but I just LOVE the name)


  2. Just a few ideas… Kennedy, Betsy, Summer, Karina, Isabel, Angelina, Libby, Lotus Blossom, Daisy, Charity, Chloe, Omega, Rosemary, Olive/Olivia, Tressie, Zoe, Willa, Sunbeam


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