Audobon Pilgrimage 

Today I’m giving tours of Rosedown Plantation in St Francisville, LA. One weekend each spring St Francisville plans an “open house” to recapture the days John James Audubon was here, working on his famous “Birds of the Americas”. 

Each plantation home is set up with people to guide you through the history of the home. 

I work the North Wing and the Music Room every year. It’s my favorite because the Music Room was also the homeschool room. This is part of my information: 

“Children were homeschooled until their early teen years, when they would attend boarding schools in the northeastern US or Europe. While being homeschooled, they would be required to learn at least one musical instrument.”

This is a copy of Lila Bowman’s writing:

I love that our history is one of homeschooling. That’s history that excites me!

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