Orpington-Americauna crosses

Paycen, my eldest son, has always enjoyed chickens.  He first asked for chickens when he was 5 years old.  We ordered an assortment from a mail-order catalog, and his love only grew from there.  He began showing chickens in 4-H, where he worked his way all the way to state champion showman.  He now has accomplished his goal and plays with them a bit more.  We have a variety at any time.  His nice show birds are blue and black English Orpingtons.  This year he is a Junior in high school, and has not been as interested in showing his birds.  We have some Americauna hens with a black English Orpington rooster, and we hatched some eggs from that cross last spring.  Paycen likes his “new Orpi-caunas”.  They are fun birds with a neat laced pattern.

Here are some buff Orpington layers digging in my green onion bed. That’s the smokehouse in the background.

This is what my counter looks like most days.

A handsome black English Orpington rooster.

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