Prepping Pigs for Show Time!

The week before a 4-H show is a busy time. Pig hair and skin care is a big part of Show ring success.

We bathe our pigs weekly, then every 2-3 days leading up to the show.

Pig hair must be clipped, but not shaved. Pigs grow quite a bit of hair. You only want to clean them up, getting rid of shaggy and stray hair.  I use a #5 (5/8 inch) clipper guard for body hair, and a #3 for legs, blending at the upper legs.

I use a #1 guard on the face, and to clean up excess hair on the backs of the legs if needed.

I use the #40 blade without a guard for the ears.  Ears should always be clean & neat.

Skin naturally contains oils, and if you strip those oils, the skin will dry out. Our pigs get lotion brushed through their hair & skin at least weekly. White pigs should get sunscreen as well, to prevent sunburn.

Pigs should be washed daily while at the show and kept in deep, clean shavings.  Show morning, they get a fresh bath, lotion, lots of brushing, and oil sheen spray.

We like this spray, picked up at the local discount store:

We use it on the pigs, dairy cows, and chickens at the show.

For white pigs, always have baby powder handy for an extra brightness. Just be sure you don’t cake it on. A little goes a long way and needs to be brushed in well.

I’m sure there are more things, but these are the big ones!

Hope your shows are successful!

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