Livestock Show Prep

Our parish livestock show is one week from today. This morning we had a workday at the barn. 

Here is a great picture of 3 young men (friends of my boys).

I love farm boys!  

Our show barn is used for other events throughout the year, so we must set up all animal pens. 

We also held a chicken showmanship clinic for the poultry club members. 

Tonight Landry decided to begin clipping her Ayrshire heifer, Lolly Pop. 

Landry clipped her head, while I worked on her body. Dairy cows get a full body shave for shows.  The Mohawk will turn into a trimmed “top line” to help create a very straight line down the back. 

Hair everywhere!

The aftermath…

Tomorrow is Sunday, so church, then home to begin clipping pigs. We have 6 to shave for the show. I also have a friend stopping by with a lame calf roping horse. 

Never a dull moment here!

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