Speed Queen – The Farm Machine June 16, 2021

Have you noticed that newer model washing machines are more concerned with “saving fabric” than getting that fabric clean?

Farm clothes are a special kind of dirty. Poop, blood, mud, sweat, grease, and more. Industrial washing machines are what is necessary.

I have been fighting with “regular” household washing machines for several years.

I had heard about the Speed Queen but was scared away by the seemingly lower capacity than other washers.

I had gotten to the point that I had to inspect each piece of laundry as it came out of the wash. I had to decide if it went into the dryer or back into the washing machine.

Sometimes I would take jeans out of the washer, outside to the carport, to spray the dirt out with the water hose.

Enough was enough. I ordered the Speed Queen. It’s made on the same line as commercial washers found at laundromats.

I’m in love. My old washer would take over an hour to partially clean out clothes. The Speed Queen washes a “normal” load in 28 minutes.

It washes full water, heavy soil loads in 38 minutes. And they are CLEAN!!

As to the drum capacity, I put a king size quilt and it washed it beautifully.

No leftover dirt or detergent at the bottom of the drum.

I was needing to vacuum my wash basin out after the loads. Not anymore. The Speed Queen carries all the funk away.

Here is a king blanket and a twin quilt. Both fit and washed well.

So if you need CLEAN clothes – baseball clothes, farm clothes, gardening clothes,manual labor clothes – just get the Speed Queen!

You won’t regret it.


  1. So funny you posted this. I ordered one at the end of May and it’s still not here – our washer is on it’s last leg and I’m hoping I can hold out long enough to wait for my washer to arrive!!! I was worried about size and capabilities but mostly WATER – I want water to wash my clothes!


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