Packing for Horse Trips – May 29, 2021

We are at the Louisiana State Junior High Finals this weekend.

Packing to be prepared for yourself is one thing.

Packing to be away with your horse is a totally different thing.

You have to remember to pack all the things that you assume are at the barn.

Feed – portioned out for each feeding – along with any medications or supplements.

Hay – both grass hay and alfalfa if you feed both. Remember that they have no pasture and will be bored standing in a stall. Bring extra hay.

You may consider a slow feed hay bag as well to simulate grazing behavior and prolong the time they take to eat all the hay you have brought.

Feed pan and water bucket.

Remember to have a bucket tie strap for the water. Otherwise, if they dump their water, you are stuck in a mucky stall.

You need bedding. Remember that shavings will be different than what your horse has at home. Bring your own if your horse may have a sensitivity or you prefer big flakes or fluffy shreds.

We have an allergic horse, so we have to request an outside or end stall, no shavings.

We pack chopped straw for her and make sure to hang a fan for ventilation.

You will also need a way to secure your stall door. They will have a spring latch most of the time. Those wear out. Most people simply tie the door with their halter.

If you have a horse that likes to chew or untie itself, you may want to bring a chain and a snap.

One thing we struggle to remember is a stall rake to pick up poop. We never bring the entire barn, so the barn rake needs to stay home.

We have a separate fork that stays in the trailer. Be sure to label that or paint the handle so everyone knows it isn’t theirs. Stall rakes go missing because people pick them up by mistake. We have lost several that way.

Don’t forget to pack blankets if it’s cold, fly sheets and masks if it’s hot.

You also need to remember brushes, leggings, hoof picks, fly spray, and all the tack.

Various items like tie downs, bell boots, blankets, and such are easy to forget.

A strip of Velcro will hold horse leggings well.

Check and double check.

You may want to invest in a wagon to move heavy items from the truck and trailer to the stalls. Many times they are not close to you. Yesterday I walked over 6 miles carrying hay and feed and shavings and water.

Have a great trip!

And if you do forget anything, there is usually a feed or tack store near you. Just please don’t change anything drastically. That will likely cause a colic episode.

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