Dec 11, 2020 – Luke Chapter 11

This chapter is a bit overwhelming.

Jesus has established relationships and is now turning up the heat on obedience.

Here is Becky Brown’s beautiful summary of the chapter. She’s more eloquent than I could be here.

“This is the sixth time we have found Jesus in prayer in Luke’s gospel account. The disciples had observed that prayer was the pattern of the life of Jesus. The “Son/Father” connection was strong and vibrant. This passage indicates that they saw Him praying and waited for Him to finish before interrupting Him to ask their next question. Their request was that Jesus teach them how to pray as John the Baptizer had taught his disciples. Prayer was obviously vital. They pressed in closer, desiring to be plugged into that power.

The Word Of God is found between Genesis and Maps. The will and way of God are found between the “Our Father” and the “amen.” So, Jesus provided them with the pattern for prayer: A.S.K. Ask. Seek. Knock. We are to keep on Asking and keep on Seeking and keep on Knocking. Even a persistent friend with a need will receive an answer. The Heavenly Father wants to hear us and help us and provide for the needs of His spiritual children.

At every turn, the Pharisees and other Jewish leaders were looking for ways to trip and trap Jesus. They wanted to be rid of Him. Their responses to the teachings of Jesus revealed their stubbornness and their vast lostness. They were marvel searchers, nay-sayers and sign seekers. They were in this fight to preserve their own traditions. They wanted Jesus out of the picture. They wanted to write Him out of the story. They were fighting against One Who could stand on the claim that there was no stronger power, no deeper wisdom and no greater message.

Their spiritual blindness stood in stark contrast to the wide open, clear, healthy, single-hearted eyes of Jesus as He focused on His Father. Jesus was also focused on Calvary. He was born to give His life. I like to say that Jesus was “cross-eyed.” He had His eyes on the cross.

Hebrews 12:1-2 records that Jesus was looking through and beyond what it would take to endure the agony of the cross, all the way to the joy that was set before Him. The arrow of His life was trained on His assigned, reserved spot next to His Father in the throne room of Heaven. Redemption of fallen mankind was His purpose. Everything else was a blur.

Jesus was invited to lunch with an unnamed Pharisee and several other teachers of the Law of Moses. Before the meal was complete, this Pharisee was spinning full speed on the rotisserie, compliments of The Invitee. Whatever team you were on, this was not a pleasant dining experience for anyone reclining at that table. Jesus had poked the hornet’s nest. The six “woes” from Jesus about their behavior strike a sour, dissonant chord.

Well, if the woe fits, wear it.

Jesus was on His way to die. They would help make it happen, but not before The Father’s full plan had been accomplished.”

Much love!

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