Dec 7, 2020 – Luke Chapter 7

It’s Monday!

Praying that you have a fruitful and peace-filled week.

Today we read Luke 7. Jesus is getting deep into ministry. He is healing and loving and serving. He is also making enemies. Jealousy is a dangerous emotion that will continue to pull you away from God.

Here is a little summary from Becky Brown:

Becky Brown

The chapter begins with an awe-inspiring act of faith from a Gentile. Up until this point, Jews were “set apart” from everyone else. They were “spiritually superior” to the non-Jews.

This Roman centurion was a local “governor” who had helped build a synagogue for the Jews. He may have done this out of respect for God or as a way to appease his populous and keep the political scene stable.

Either way, word of Jesus had reached him. He believed Jesus was sent from God and could perform miracles. He sends Jewish elders (who felt indebted to him) to ask Jesus to heal a favored servant. But he also recognizes the true nature of authority, both in the spiritual realm as well as the physical realm.

Jesus was amazed because a Roman was more understanding of the spiritual world than all of his Jewish followers.

Then Jesus brings a dead son back to life so he could care for his mother, who was a widow.

This reminds us that we can’t expect God to do everything. He cared for the woman by providing someone (her deceased son) to care for her.

God puts us in places to be his physical care for those around us. When we bring meals to the sick, watch children for worn out moms, help someone mow their lawn, or simply smile and genuinely ask how they are, we are doing exactly what God wants us to be doing.

Loving like He does.

At the end of the chapter, Jesus compares and contrasts a Pharisee with a “sinful woman”.

The Pharisee invites Jesus to have dinner with him. The Pharisee is either not a great host, or he is doubtful of who Jesus is.

He treats Jesus like a common man and doesn’t even offer him water to clean up before dinner.

However, this “sinful woman” hears about Jesus, and in her desperation, she seeks him out. She’s seeking hope and forgiveness and love. In doing so, she brings her absolute best. The most expensive thing she has, she gives to Jesus.

When the Pharisee didn’t offer him water to wash his feet with, this woman offered her best anointing oil.

Jesus reveals that God sees the heart above all things. He announces to everyone the this woman’s sins are forgiven because she has great love and great faith.

He does not say the same of the Pharisee.

It’s difficult for me to take in all that is happening. I can’t even imagine how overwhelming it was to those who walked alongside Jesus daily.

No wonder the disciples were confused often. It was a whirlwind.

Over the next several days, the ministry of Jesus get stronger and bigger.

I’m glad you are reading along!

A great children’s book that explores the big questions surrounding Christmas.

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