Nov 24, 2020 – Be Kind

The world has been so unsettled and so many have an air of self-righteousness.

In just two days we will celebrate Thanksgiving. It’s a time to be grateful and kind and share with others.

It is not a time to argue and prove yourself correct, whether it be about politics, education, health, or any other issues that can be argued.

As the holidays approach, it brings about a sadness for those who have lost loved ones, lost jobs, and suffered great changes this year.

Our job is to love.

To give grace.

To spread peace.

No one can make you do anything or act any way you choose not to.

You choose your response.

When people get under your skin, please do not react. Reactions are for chemistry experiments, not human interactions.

Instead, choose to respond. That may be walking away. Or smiling and politely changing the subject.

Please have a wonderful holiday season that you choose. If your “people” are reactive, then choose to spend the holidays with different people.

Be kind to yourself first of all.

Remember that God loves us all, and wishes the best for us.

Spread love as you go about your daily life.

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