Nov 20, 2020 – Veterinary Chiropractic

I wanted to update everyone on the great things I have been seeing with veterinary chiropractic care.

I am happy to report that it has changed my physical exams for the better. I now check for movement, joint fixation, and pain in the entire spine every time I put my hands on an animal.

Just over this last week, I’ve been able to help rehabilitate an injured dog that was attacked by a wild hog. He had neck pain, rib pain, spinal pain, and leg pain over his entire left side where he was hit by the hog.

He is a big, stoic dog and does not show pain. Yet he was yelping as I adjusted his rib cage. This spinal subluxations are super painful but so easily corrected with proper adjustments.

We also added laser therapy to his left rear leg due to stifle injury. His owners were extremely happy with the results, and I will see him again in a few days.

I would like to share a story from a few months ago.

While working a shift at the veterinary emergency hospital, a 16 yr old spayed female ShiTzu came in almost passed out in her side. Mom was in tears. She was evacuated to Baton Rouge from Lake Charles because her home was destroyed in the hurricane.
My veterinary nurse brought the dog straight to the back for me to examine. She was super painful in her cervical spine.
I spent several minutes gently adjusting her.
I told my tech to set her down.
She gave a big shake and trotted off.
My tech said, “What kind of voodoo magic did you just do?!”
We walked the dog into the exam room with the owner. She looked incredulous and started saying “no”.
We thought we had walked into the wrong room.
It turned out she that just couldn’t believe that was her dog.
I had to explain animal chiropractic to her.
She was so grateful!!
Happy happy!

This sweet owner went from losing her home to thinking she was losing her companion as well. Chiropractic can be so very rewarding when applied in the proper cases.

Horses and cats and every single creature with a spine can benefit from chiropractic care.

I’ve been able to correct many horse soreness issues, give cats the ability to groom places they haven’t been able to reach in a long time, and give owners peace of mind when their animals are more comfortable.

Chiropractic cares isn’t a replacement for traditional veterinary care, but it’s an awesome complimentary care to keep in mind.

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