Nov 11, 2020 – Educational Gatekeepers

My son is a high school senior taking a dual enrollment English class through a local small college. His English professor brought up an interesting discussion topic this week.

They were reading about Frederick Douglas, a slave who was taught to read and write at the age of 12. He went on to become a leader of the abolitionist movement and a renowned writer and speaker.

The discussion involved our current educational system and how it is as much a hindrance to learning as it is a help.

Government run schools teach a set curriculum, no matter the intellectual ability of the students. Libraries divide things up into age groupings. Students aren’t allowed to follow their passions, they are taught what they “need to know”.

There is much truth to this thought process, and I appreciate the professor bringing forth the idea that students can move beyond set expectations.

This is why I am a homeschooling advocate. My children are free to learn as they please. They are required to learn the basics, but they are not restricted at all. They are free to pursue interests and passions. They are free to roam the library, take any online class, and spend time reading or stargazing or concentrating on an art project.

Homeschooling is freedom from a ceiling on education. Especially in today’s world, education is at your fingertips. Online learning is available to everyone. Libraries provide free internet access and free books. Places like Coursera and Kahn Academy allow free education.

Places like PowerHomeschool and Time4Learning are inexpensive total curriculum.

ABEKA and Bob Jones are available to those who prefer a private school education for a very reduced tuition.

We have access to more educational materials than anytime in the history of society.

Socialization is no longer a worry.

Education is changing.

Welcome to your own pace and path!

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