Nov 9, 2020 – Farm Update

It’s been a while since I’ve just posted pics from around our little farm.

I’ve taken some great pics in this lovely fall weather. We’ve just finished up our fall high school rodeos, and we are getting pigs ready for 4-H shows in February.

Thanksgiving is fast approaching, and we still have pumpkins growing. We planted Cinderella pumpkins, which are good for eating.

We will roast them and freeze pumpkin purée after we make pumpkin pie.

We also have mustard greens growing in a raised bed. My husband planted them way too thick, so I’ve been thinning them by feeding a few handfuls to the chickens every day. That’s a win-win.

Speaking of chickens, they are laying well right now. The weather is beautiful, and we’ve been feeding them some of the pumpkins that get damaged or wet with fungus.

Naked neck hen

Poppy, our bottle calf, is down to nursing the cow just once a day. She has a companion, who’s mom died. So now we have two orphans.

Poppy’s adopted sister
Jeremiah the goat

Ellie has recovered well from her snakebite incident. She did not lose any skin, which happens many times after a snake bite.

Here’s Kixie River, who’s growing up.

They both are in the winter rye grass that we planted for the cows and horses. We can’t let them graze it yet, as the root system has to be deep enough so that it doesn’t get pulled up when the animals eat it.

I do love hot tea, especially in the fall and winter months. I always add protein shake to sweeten and you can never have enough protein.

Hope your days are full!

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