October 12, 2020 – Cattle Fencing

This morning we awoke to a crushed gate.

The bull in the other side of the pasture decided to come visit a young heifer on this side of the pasture. And so he did.

We moved him away from here to a different place where there are other cows that need to be bred. All of these cows are pregnant, so he’s looking for a new job.

Now this bull is halter broke, so we simply fed him, put a halter on him, and loaded him onto the trailer.

If you don’t have a bull that had a show career, you will need handling facilities to be able to load him. And judging from the gate, you will need bigger fences than that.

Now nothing is ever easy when dealing with cattle. The opposite of them trampling fences is their curiosity when they aren’t afraid.

Here’s what happened after we got the bull on a halter and left the bucket of feed on the ground.

If you are considering getting cattle, please have someone evaluate your fencing, your catch pen, and your chute. And please don’t get cattle before you have these items. Your veterinarian will appreciate that.

Happy Monday!

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