Oct 9, 2020 – Hurricane Delta

Today everything is closed to give everyone time to fill gas tanks, pick up loose items in the yard, and move anything that may flood.

Hurricane Delta is coming ashore this evening. We are out of the center and away from the coast far enough inland for the storm to have decreased intensity by the time it reaches us. But we still will get wind gusts, lots of rain, and possibly power outages.

We just finished digging a new pond and it has filled halfway full in the last 24 hours.

This video is from 3 pm. The wind is picking up and you can see the water line in the pond. Also notice the cows lying down. My grandmother always told me that if the cows were lying down, bad weather was coming. She was right. Cows feel the storms coming.

Along with my herding dogs. They are great weather prediction creatures.

Here is the radar at 3 pm as well

The purple arrow is our town.

At 5:20 pm, the rain and wind are getting stronger.

It’s 11 pm. Many people across our parish have lost electricity and have trees down. The wind is howling, and I have a pecan limb on the front porch. I am sure the new pond will be overflowing the morning.

This is great weather for ducks.

I am saying extra prayers as I turn in for the night. We will see what daylight brings.

Everyone be safe!

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