October 1, 2020 – Pumpkins, Rodeos, and Fall Weather

The beautiful weather is continuing, and the pumpkins are growing. Our high school rodeo schedule has finally been published, and we are marking our calendars.

October marks the rodeo finals for the Louisiana Rodeo Association and the beginning of the Louisiana High School Rodeo Association.

Rodeo is a great sport for homeschoolers. Unlike baseball, football, soccer, volleyball, and such, rodeo is an individual sport. (There are a few events that have a two person team.) There is no connection to the public school system. Each student signs up independently as a member of the state association.

Tonight Landry is taking her horse, Trouble, to a barrel race. She is a young horse that Landry has trained on the pattern with the help of Sarah Rose Waguespak. She’s an amazing horsewoman and coach.

That’s not where the barrel goes. 😁

Landry will compete in her first year of junior high rodeos this school year. She will compete in barrel racing, pole bending, and goat tying.

Owen will be competing as a high school Senior this year in calf roping and bareback riding. He is riding well and looking for sponsorships to help him go farther. He hopes to go on to rodeo in college.

The Morning After

Landry will turn in her pumpkins to the 4-H office for judging next week. She has a big beautiful one, but something chewed on it and now it has a hole. Holes in pumpkins mold.

So she will turn in a different one, just not quite so large and perfect as the first one.

I have animal chiropractic appointments Friday. I’m very excited to be helping animals feel better!

Happy October!

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