Sept 29, 2020 – Fall Arts and Crafts

I came across the cutest fall project a few days ago. I love fall colors and smells and clothes. Both my birthday and anniversary are in the fall. I love pumpkins, scarecrows, colorful leaves, roasting marshmallows, and cooler weather.

I decided to gather a collection of fall arts and crafts that can be done with children of all ages. It’s a mix of fun, simple, and engaging ideas I have found.

It all started with this video about making Indian corn using pipe cleaners and pony beads.

I love this wine cork pumpkin. You can use the same idea on paper to make your own dot pumpkins with bingo dotters.

I love fall wreaths. The kiddos and I started making cloth strip wreaths on a wire coat hanger fashioned into a circle many years ago. Here’s an upscale version of the scrap fabric wreath.

Do you have oak trees nearby? We have them in the front and back of our house. I think this would be a lovely fall table or mantle decoration. Be careful with a glue gun. My kiddos always manage to get a burn somewhere. You can also up cycle any vase or jar with this idea.

These post pumpkins have my attention! I can make a plethora of cute pumpkins for my front porch with this idea! Although I’m probably going to experiment with rounding the corners a bit.

Use this beautiful weather to go on nature walks. Collect sticks, leaves, pine cones, acorns, and whatever else peaks your child’s interest.

Then allow their creative minds to flow! Make stick people, pine cone critters, and woodland nymphs. We stifle our children’s creativity by telling them the “right way” to create. Resist the urge to correct. Allow them to create!

Many of these ideas came from and

Check out those sites for additional ideas and directions.

One last quick and easy craft that teaches fine motor skills is paper strip collages. We use old magazines for this one. You simply make a big pile of 0.25-0.5 inch strips of colorful and textured paper.

Then print out a large silhouette; you can glue the strips to the back of the paper, let it dry, then cut out the silhouette. You can mount your artwork to a separate colorful background.

This is a great technique to carry into thanksgiving and Christmas.

I hope I have provided you some inspiration to get creative with your children. Arts & crafts are messy, but oh so worth the good memories and keepsakes you will create.

And finally a cow, for your viewing pleasure.

Many Blessings

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