Sept 10 – Taking the Drudgery out of Schoolwork

Today I’d like to remind you that tomorrow is 9/11. There will be documentaries playing all day.

There will be plenty of opportunities to talk about history, humanity, and public service workers. Teach about patriotism. We take care of and defend our own.

In order to discuss schoolwork in the elementary years, we need to remember that our mindset as homeschoolers is very different than the traditional school institutions.

Our homeschooling goal is not to simply cram information into our children. Rather, our goal is to instill a lifelong love of learning.

For an elementary student learning math, please don’t simply have the child do worksheet after boring worksheet. Get creative. One of the absolute best math manipulatives is money. It’s a base 10 system. Ten pennies equal a dime. Ten dimes make a dollar. Ten dollars make a ten dollar bill. Ten tens make 100.

Counting and spending money is real world math.

If you’d like a “unit study” – have your child plan a menu for the day or the week (depending on age). Then make a grocery list – spelling.

Then guess how much each item will cost. Now proceed to the store. Find each item. Compare items. (Marketing and advertising).

Write the cost of each item.

Add everything up.

Figure tax.

Check out. See how close you are.

Helpful to the family, education on many levels, and you get some socializing too.

For science, plant a seed – watch it grow. Record your findings. I’ve written several posts on science.

I have also made posts about using sidewalk chalk and window markers for spelling.

Remember that you should be learning right alongside your students! I have learned things that I didn’t know. And I graduated from Veterinary School! But you can’t know everything, so I have enjoyed learning new things and relearning things I had forgotten.

I can work an algebra problem, solve using the quadratic equation, build planets out of cake, do math in my head, actually discuss WWII (and know what I am talking about), and spell truly.

My point in all of this rambling is to remind you to not stress. You are growing tiny humans. That takes amazing persistence, perseverance, and a good bit of laughter.

Your child WILL learn. If they are fighting you, it’s because they don’t understand or have a learning difficulty.

Read to your kiddos. Read with your kiddos. Go on field trips. Make everything a learning adventure. My children have been ordering their own meals for many years. They know how to check out at a register, pay a cashier, AND SMILE to those around them.

Sometimes we have to simply buckle down and learn hard things. But there should always be a reward for those times. A movie night, a bowl of popcorn, or simply a stroll to watch birds.

Always reward hard work.

It’s not bribing, it’s a life lesson.

No one works for free.

We all want to be paid for hard work.

Blessings to all!

Enjoy your kiddos.

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