July 6, 2020 – What do I Teach my Homeschooling Student?

Curriculum is a hot topic among homeschooling circles, both seasoned homeschoolers and newbies alike.

You can choose a full curriculum, an online curriculum, live online teachers, recorded videos, lesson plans, your library, textbooks, or just life in general.

The amount of information and differences available can be overwhelming.

I began (15 years ago) with ABEKA DVD full curriculum. That gave me peace of mind that I was doing it all “right”. We progressed through Bob Jones full video curriculum, live online classes, co-op classes, local homeschooling moms offering classes and labs, library resources and so much more.

Now I piece my curriculum together in quite an eclectic mix.

If you are more of a free-spirit, or want to teach some things but not others, simply make a list.

I found all of these books at Sam’s Club yesterday:

This is an entire series that lists the basic concepts needed for each subject matter. You can delve deeper into any topic that interests your student. Simply visit the library, search YouTube, or find field trips to places of interest.

These type of books are amazing for your visual learners. There is another series by Nathan Hale that you can borrow from your local library. Add some documentaries, have your student write a summary or keep a journal of each person studied. Perfect learning plan.

These general curriculum workbooks also give you an amazing list of general topics that need to be covered. Again, you may want to delve deeper into any areas you feel your students need or enjoy.

Each one lists the topics covered. These books are available from Pre-K through 6th grade.

My high schooler loves history. Here are the books I picked up for him to read.

I simply use a planner to plan a few weeks at a time, set goals for reading, schedule classes for co-op and lessons, and keep us on track.

Please don’t stress over whether or not you are choosing the “right” or “best” curriculum. As long as your students are learning and progressing, you are doing a great job.

Your most important task is to raise good and decent human beings.

The world sure could use more of those.

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