July 3, 2020 – What if I don’t know something?

One of the most important things you will come to realize when homeschooling your child is that you don’t need to know all the answers. You don’t need to understand everything. You don’t need to have a teaching degree to teach your child.

Summer art camp. Sharon Jeffus has books available.

In today’s world, we have access to literally everything. My son and I have replaced a belt on my dryer using a YouTube video. My daughter has learned how to crochet from videos and from other moms who know. My eldest son took government from a lawyer, history from a Lieutenant Colonel in the Air Force, German from a native speaker, and calculus from a certified math teacher – All provided by live online classes.

I have a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Degree. I have learned more about history from my sons than I ever did in any school room. I was stumped by a Physics II final exam question in college. I finally understood that question YEARS LATER while helping my middle child learn Physics from a Life of Fred Pre-Algebra 0 with Physics book. Totally self-taught program.

Hear that again. I had physics in high school. I had physics in college. I finally understood an important physics concept while learning with my middle school child! You do not need to know it all. It is totally realistic to learn alongside your student.

Life of Fred is a very different math program.

You will have teacher’s manuals, other moms, access to online help, videos, and most anything you need. Teaching your child HOW to find information is more important that actually having your child memorize information.

Our job as parents/teachers is to teach our young people HOW to think, not WHAT to think.

Fun books to learn with.

So please don’t discount yourself as the most qualified person to teach your child. Learning together will grow your family bond and make your children functional information seekers rather than people who wait to be spoon-fed answers to questions.


Explore with your family.

Enjoy the journey!

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